Create Scalable, Intelligent Machines to Support Smart Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing needs to be more dependable, automated, adaptable, scalable, and decentralized. As a solutions provider, vCloud Gov offers cutting-edge control and automation solutions to securely connect, power, and manage equipment that increase production productivity. We ensure that every connection matters on shop floors, circuit boards, in the hardest workplaces, and anywhere in the world. A secure network infrastructure, industrial internet of things for efficient data collecting, and the capacity to turn data into usable information are prerequisites for this integration. customers can improve efficiencies by centralizing control and data across the organization by integrating plants, sites, buildings, and staff. Through our assortment of control systems, motor controls, and smart devices, we provide industrial automation and control.

Together, these three platforms may build the best suitable industrial automation solution for your requirements. Select industrial control and automation strategies that boost output, cut expenses, and enhance security. Reputable providers of automation solutions make new technology possible, which eventually boosts productivity. Whether you require PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), HMIs, Push Buttons, Sensors, AC Drives and Soft Starts, Terminal Blocks, or Power Supplies, vCloud Gov provides products and brands you can rely on.

Solutions We Provide

for OEM/ODM Medical Devices

Machine Safety

Industrial controls monitor and regulate operation of machinery and automated processes. However, Industrial automation products manage and track processing time, production, and lighting conditions. Machine safety products provide safeguards against process-related hazards. Switches, relays, and operator interfaces send signals for turning machinery on or off ,triggering next step in process.


Process Control

Process control permits the mass manufacturing of repetitive procedures, often involving blending two different raw materials with the aid of a liquid. Industrial networking solutions are used by many process-intensive businesses, including those that transform sewage into potable water, refine crude oil into gasoline, or transform gold ore into bars.


The field of robots is developing, and solutions for industry networking are essential. At the same time, industrial robotics experienced  largest growth according to World Federation of Robotics. Industrial connectors enable communication between robots of many shapes and sizes for purposes like welding, pick-and-place operations, and sentient for welding chores.

Vision Systems

The vision systems of today demand miniature cameras while providing power and speed that are substantially higher. A proprietary connectivity solutions from smaller footprint than competing products of equivalent performance and was created expressly. To miniature industrial connectors for vision systems  to provide power and performance in noticeably smaller spaces, used in mail sortation or security cameras.

Automotive Assembly

Industry-wide, Industrial Communications technologies have had a significant impact on vehicle assembly. Industrial Ethernet connectors, for instance, come in handy in an environment where a variety of automated and robotics technology, from piercing and welding to putting screws in dashboards, is synchronized in real-time to avoid bottlenecks caused by the complicated nature in many dependent procedures.


A Single, Secure Network Infrastructure

It is now more critical than ever for manufacturers to enhance the information provided throughout their operations. Real-time data can increase your company’s efficiency and flexibility. In addition, your facility and business can securely and dependably connect with Ethernet/IP networks. To securely connect your business, we employ an all-encompassing.