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The public sector customer experience (CX) shows how citizens perceive and respond to citizen services. By transforming their CX, the public sector can increase trust with the people they serve. vCloud Gov’s Customer Experience and Engagement Portfolio brings together a range of industry-leading solutions for analyzing and sharing information with the public and community. These solutions provide an opportunity for governments to securely share information and fulfill their public reporting responsibilities.

Trusted software solutions from CX and engagement providers

Governments must adopt technology solutions that advance and scale digital government services to meet the needs of their constituents. Benefits of adopting CX technology include:

  • Service efficiency
  • Build trust among voters
  • Build trust in government agencies

Improving customer satisfaction in the public sector

With the proliferation of digital experiences, customer expectations have evolved to expect personalization in every interaction. To meet public expectations, government agencies must deliver meaningful, relevant, and personalized experiences in real-time to each of their large customers. vCloud Gov solutions use advanced AI tools and automated processes to build personalization into the network infrastructure to help the public sector meet and exceed consumer standards. Our guides contain strategic information for creating, serving, and optimizing your digital customer’s journey.

Three steps to increase customer value

04-positive thinking

Think about your value drivers

Start with your customer's needs and feed back into the value you can deliver, if it doesn't meet customer needs, it's not a value driver.


Think long term

Beyond short-term acquisitions and technologies, focus on key metrics of customer lifetime value and innovation.

Brain Idea

Include Ethics

Collect the data you use to create mutual value and always ask about customer impact.

Adapting to new customer behaviors and expectations

A digital experience platform is an integrated set of technologies that support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. We support modernization efforts by providing a wide range of solutions to engage citizens online. The digital world offers its residents many possible contacts. Trying to solve each required touchpoint separately can result in a tangled web of competing technologies, whereas a monolithic technology-driven approach yields disappointing interactions. A digital experience platform provides proven patterns for meaningful engagement while giving you the flexibility to shape each touchpoint according to your organization’s preferences.