Deliver innovations that improve faculty effectiveness and inspire learning in onsite or virtual classroom environments

 As schools at all levels implement a structured approach to hybrid learning, vCloud Gov offers a wide range of educational IT solutions to enable students, parents, and educators alike to have a seamless and secure remote learning experience. From a work-from-home platform that enables educators to transform classrooms into virtual environments, to learning and student management systems that track student progress and identify challenges, vCloud Gov is the classroom technology for building hybrid learning skills. We provide tools and expertise.

Choose the right device for everyone on campus

Choosing new equipment and software for your campus is essential. We are under pressure to continuously improve teacher and student performance, make learning and technology more accessible to all, and stay budget-friendly. Our Education Laptop Buying Guide walks you through key considerations from start to finish. Also, use our education laptop infographic to find the best laptop for each individual on campus. Whether you’re a student or an administrator, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you:

  • Reallocate up to 30% of teachers’ time to focus more on student-centered activities
  • Provide the best virtual and face-to-face experiences that meet the demands of modern students and distance learning
  • Improving technology choice and availability for students and teacher

Applying technology to higher education:

 As a leading distributor and provider of IT solutions for education, we provide device management and security that enables students and educators to log in with confidence from any device, using special technologies that protect personal data and privacy. We prioritize cybersecurity solutions.

Higher education technology

 Universities are looking for ways to support students both on campus and across the country as more classes move to online or hybrid models. Investments in elements such as cloud capabilities, video conferencing platforms, digital document and learning management systems, and cybersecurity protections are essential to building an online presence that engages and supports virtual learners.

K-12 technology

 With an intuitive learning management system, device management, and student privacy tools, K-12 schools can make the online learning environment intuitive, reliable, and secure. Combining these skills with professional development and support makes it easier for students, educators, parents, and administrators to navigate the digital learning environment.


Defense, security and justice services are organized into four segments

Scales are used by law enforcement agencies to represent the impartial application of the law without favoritism, prejudice or corruption. By providing reliable, efficient and cutting-edge IT solutions and services delivered by knowledgeable and highly qualified professional staff, vCloud Gov has helped many of our legal clients We strive to adhere to the principles of From the DEA to the US courts, we are all on the same team.

  • Space: Cooperation between governments and the private sector is essential to maintaining competitive advantage in space. Between shifting mission priorities, rapid acquisition and resource exploitation, successful space exploration requires genuine cooperation between the public and private sectors.
  • Cloud: vCloud Gov helps government agencies move into the future faster. We help government agencies stay ahead of the curve by adopting more agile, adaptable and scalable technology strategies. A clear understanding of the risk and regulatory environment combined with best-in-class technology enables government agencies to get the most out of their cloud investments.
  • Cyber: Getting on a mission means knowing your strategic and cyber risks. Many institutions are looking to increase data and information collection to improve their services.


Our Services

vCloud Gov also prioritizes services that allow students and educators to log in with confidence from any device, using specialized technology that protects personal data and privacy.

University Services

As a leading provider of higher education professional services, we offer the fresh perspectives and unique skills you need to tackle complex challenges and explore promising opportunities. vCloud Gov partner with you to move forward.vCloud Gov act as a joint partner as you move forward.

University Excellence

vCloud Gov's Center for Higher Education Excellence focuses on groundbreaking research to reimagine how colleges and universities meet these challenges and achieve innovation in all aspects of future college campuses, including teaching, learning and research.

College Program

Today's universities produce tomorrow's leaders. vCloud Gov partners with universities to discover and develop the next generation of analytical talent. university programs focused on developing the brightest minds to drive innovation in business analytical theory.

technology smart city

Future-proof your classroom and unlock the power of interactive displays

 No one ever said all monitors were created equal. From resolution and color gamut to touch surfaces and connectivity, today’s classroom-ready displays offer a wide range of options and complex solutions that impact teaching and learning in the classroom.