With the right technology, you can improve operations management and the quality of healthcare.

vCloud Gov as a reseller is a global partner providing services and solutions for embedded computing platforms. As a solution provider, vCloud Gov offers an extensive product portfolio that includes embedded computers, single board computers (SBCs), rackmount computers, specialized computing platforms, human machine interfaces (HMIs), and network security applications.  We offer a wide range of products for various medical applications including:

  • Instruments for medical modalities
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Surgical image management system
  • pharmacy automation
  • Point of care device
  • Ultrasound system
  • Computer-assisted diagnosis and treatment
  • Healthcare self-service kiosks

We Provide Services:

For Healthcase / IT facilities

Clinical Diagnostic Instruments

vCloud Gov offers medical displays that are compliant with the DICOM standard and embedded computer boards with a tiny form factor, scalable processor, and a wealth of I/Os. Because these goods have such a lengthy lifespan, instrument makers gain.

Pharmacy Automation

The handling, dispensing, and management of pharmaceuticals can be supported by automated mechanical processes using scalable computer boards and systems with rich expansion interface. The operator interface for automated pharmacy equipment is best served by medical grade touch monitors and Panel PCs.

Point-of-Care Devices

In order to fit in point-of-care applications in the healthcare environment, vCloud Gov offers fanless, low power, and medical grade touch-computers and embedded computers with optimized computing and graphic performance, energy efficiency, small form factors, wireless connectivity, reliability, and rich expansion.

Ultrasound system

The computer-on-Module (COM) express range from a very small physical footprint, scalable computing performance, efficient thermal design, rich expansion, and future-upgradable features with a long product lifespan. High resolution, a broad viewing angle, quick response times.

Healthcare self-service kiosk

vCloud Gov as a reseller provide powers self-service kiosks with all-in-one computers that enable patient check-in for access and registration of medical records, and hospital information points, signage, and blood pressure or weight monitoring stations.


vCloud Gov as a solution provider offers an extensive line of communications and network security appliance products to help you get to the healthcare IT market quickly. With high-definition display interfaces, secure and reliable network connectivity.

Digital X-ray/X-ray system

vCloud Gov solutions provide medical-grade computers offer optimized processing power, multiple enhancements, and superior image processing with add-on graphics cards. Medical widescreen monitors provide excellent consistent image quality and support DICOM part 14 calibration.

Solutions we provide

for OEM/ODM Medical Devices

Medical Grade Box PCs:

Medical Grade Box PCs are available in low- to high-powered configurations and were created with the healthcare industry in mind. Our medical box PCs can be utilized for applications ranging from straightforward clinical gateways to more complex surgical imaging and navigation systems.surgical imaging and navigation systems.surgical imaging and navigation systems.

Displays of a Medical

Medical-grade displays made to deliver precise and effective visuals. Our displays can be quickly installed to any surgical trolley, operating room arm, or wall mount using a universal VESA mount. Our medical displays fulfill the image requirements for a variety of applications, including point-of-care, clinical, radiology, and surgery.radiology, and surgery.radiology, and surgery.

Medical Grade AIOs PPCs:

Medical Panel PCs developed for Point-of-Care applications in sterile conditions are Medical Grade AIOs PPCs. Our Medical All-in-One PCs have a fanless, IP65 construction and an antibacterial surface for simple cleaning.Medical Panel PCs developed for Point-of-Care applicationsMedical Panel PCs developed for Point-of-CareMedical Panel PCs .

Single Board Computers:

Single Board Computers Single Board Computers can function as a module and are simple to maintain. These boards are built to be durable and dependable for industrial use.

Mini-ITX Boards:

Mini-ITX boards are made to be small and have a wide range of performance, so they may be used in many different applications. We can target fanless. 


Standardized technologies like Computer-on-Module and COM Express enable simple serviceability. These modules, which come equipped with an integrated CPU, memory.

Systems with medical GPUs

Medical GPU Systems, which are made to accommodate high-density GPU cards, provide scalable computing hardware and AI-enabled infrastructure for high-performance images