Reduce costs and maximize budgets while optimizing your infrastructure and keeping your operations running

vCloud Tech Public Sector Solutions is committed to keeping everyone safe. We pride ourselves on offering multi-flavored solutions designed to stand the test of time while delivering superior performance. See for yourself that a budget-conscious consulting approach is the key to delivering the world-class service you deserve. Between budget cuts and restrictions, buying the gear you need can feel like an endlessly tedious process. vCloud Tech understands the frustration this is causing and wants to help. Our partnership with NCL and Source makes it easy by giving businesses the means they need to streamline procurement while providing the funds they need to stay on budget. 

vCloud Gov serves as a master government aggregator for many leading providers

To better serve our customers and simplify the government procurement process, vCloud Gov secures numerous contractors, including agency-specific contracts and federal, state, and local government-wide contracts. vCloud Gov’s wide range of schedules, contracts and purchase agreements make it fast and easy to procure the solutions you need.

• Adobe, F5 Networks, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, Open Source, Microsoft, Salesforce, and innovative and intelligent products and services, among others.

• Get IT investments with technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of state and local governments.

• Maximize IT investment with services that deliver greater performance, efficiency, and savings.


Accessing vCloud Gov’s U.S. State and Local Government Services gives you access to the insights, people, and experiences that help envision the future of your agency and find ways to get there.

U.S. State Government Services

State governments work best when they have the tools to serve their citizens. At vCloud Tech, we work with governments to develop and drive strategies for change. vCloud Gov provides a wide range of services to the State to meet the State's mission and the needs of its constituents.

Government Integrated Service

vCloud Gov's eligibility and services integrated offerings are dedicated to helping Government agencies to improve their determine eligibility and deliver health and social services programs. vCloud Gov combine that experience with proven technical and business solutions to help health and social services organizations

Smart city, Smart nation

From schools to businesses, transportation to energy, vCloud Gov’s holistic vision helps find solutions to all aspects of city life. By working together, new ideas and new technologies can take shape, improve the lives of citizens and create a better future. vCloud Gov's Government Insights becoming a smart city with customer stories.